Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I notice that the tattoo has become mainstream. When I was young, it seemed that sailors had them but not people generally. They were often done in areas that were not visible because of the stigma. That negative perception would still be the case in certain areas of society but music performers and sports stars are often covered with them.

I don't get why you would do this
to yourself. 
However, in the business world they are taboo. Why? I know when I go into a shop or any professional situation I would feel negative if someone had visible tattoos. The same would be true if a person was inappropriately dressed, had body piercing or used coarse language.

Skin is such a beautiful thing and it looks delightful just as it is. Graffiti on a wall is unsightly yet it even goes beyond that. It also shows disrespect. A tattoo gives me the same feeling. It is unsightly and I feel the person cheapens themselves by having one. Body piercings on young people put me off too.

Some may view it as art and I have put it under that category on this blog. Graffiti is art to some but most would call it vandalism. In some ways I view tattoos as vanadalism too, against the beautiful body. The human body is wonderful and skin is beautiful. I want it the way it was when I was born. I cannot enhance it, only denigrate it.

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