Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Change For The Better?

Not that long ago, a man and woman would catch each other's eye. They would converse politely and start seeing each other more often. If that worked out, the man would ask permission to court the lady with a view to marriage.

All going to plan, the man would choose a moment to get on one knee and ask her if she would do him the honour of marrying him. Acceptance would then be followed by seeking her father's permission to take his daughter as a wife. The wedding would follow some time later and then they would finally consummate the love that had grown between them.

Today two people find themselves attracted to each other. They find a bed, a rear seat in a car or a toilet cubicle to take it the the next stage. If that is both to their liking they continue seeing each other and then one moves in with the other.

If that goes to plan, they continue their cohabitation until they have a couple of children and they discuss marriage. Their children can be part of the ceremony and if the lady knows her father, he gives her away.

Which way do you think led to a more successful union? Do failed relationship and divorce statistics give us an indicator?

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