Monday, July 27, 2015

The Other You

Without researching the subject but thinking about human consciousness, I have concluded we have two of us. One is the conscious awareness and the other a sub-conscious running in the background. The former runs for about 16 hours a day, the other 24. They don't seem to communicate with each other either. One  makes decisions based on our reasoning, the other on maintaining and protecting us.

A classic example is found in yo-yo dieting. When a person makes a decision to diet, then stops, and starts again, the conscious side knows what's happening. You are trying to lose weight. The sub-conscious side doesn't get that message and thinks that survival could be at stake with such an unreliable food supply. It goes into action and stores supplies in the form of fat to preserve us. It doesn't ask what's going on, it simply takes what it feels is the safest course.

That is frustrating, but without the sub-conscious side, we couldn't live. For 24 hours a day it operates quietly in the background, making sure the body is functioning well, organising our immune system, supplying nutrients and removing wastes, repairing and restoring all without a conscious thought needed. At night it beavers away doing essential chores. It also seems to organise dreaming.

Have you ever had a dream where what happens isn't to your liking, but you cannot stop it? If it's your dream, why can't you write the script? Your conscious side would, but remember the sub-conscious side doesn't work that way. It does what you need, not what you want.

Without those two sides to our consciousness, we could not survive. Our Creator has thought of everything to enable us to function and enjoy it. Imagine having to do everything through our conscious side. We wouldn't be able to cope, having to control every function with our thoughts. The 'other you' t frees us up to get on with the world around us, while it keeps us healthy and strong. We are certainly wonderfully made!

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