Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Finding The Origin Of Life

When I look into the sky at night I feel small. When I watch a bird in action, the instinctive wisdom that enables it to survive leaves me in awe. Then I reflect on the incredible human journey from conception to birth and it is beyond comprehension. I Think of how the cells divide into different functioning tissue and I gasp. No one on earth can really explain how it happens.

I then wonder where all the water came from. Those who deny creation have theories, but as to why all other planets missed out on such random distribution doesn't add up. That plus the sheer volume of water can lead to only one rational conclusion.

If you are looking for you car keys and decide they have to be in the garage, that is where you look. If they on the coffee table in the lounge, you will never find them. If someone suggests look in the house but you insist they aren't there, you will never find the truth of where they are. You will be going nowhere until you decide to open your mind to the possibility they are in the house.

When one decides to find the answer to our existence by refusing to accept creation, that is like a detective ruling out lines of enquiry based on prejudice. As the American Standard Version says "they have rejected the word of Jehovah; and what manner of wisdom is in them?" When I hear some of the explanations of evolution, I shake my head. I watched someone on TV discussing the origin of the whale. I was embarrassed for him, it was such nonsense.

Finding the truth starts with examining all possibilities. When young I read books on evolution and went to religious meetings. I prayed that if creation is true, that God would help me appreciate that. I wanted an answer but but not by closing off any option. Then one day, I read an article about creation and I got it. I have since discussed the subject with many, which has strengthen my faith as nothing else has that ring of truth. I know the earth and life on it was introduced by an awesome intelligence. It's amazing when you find Him.

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