Thursday, January 9, 2014

Movie Reviewers

Most of us choose to watch a movie or not. We look at the type and the classifications before deciding if we would be likely to enjoy, be bored or offended by it. Reviewers I assume cannot simply choose what to look at. They are there to let you know if you may want to go.

The problem for anyone having this job is seeing things that you are repulsed by, but staying on to the end. That would surely desensitise the reviewer as they ignored their inclination to stop watching. This seems to have happened to a reviewer that writes in a local paper.

This is about a movie just released:

"A guilt-free celebration of the kind of behaviour that would have made the Romans blush. It's a coke-snorting, crack-smoking, scotch-skulling, hooker shagging riot of a's the sweariest movie of all time with 506 uses of the F-word a desert where all that is good withers..."

So not recommended then? Well:

The lead character is "...worryingly impossible not to like.." and "...the most entertaining film of the summer..." 

Reviewer summary: Offensively good and 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

My summary: Why be entertained by the vilest of characters? They exist but we don't want to know about them, do we? The reviewers conscience is so seared that he enjoyed and fully recommends it.

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