Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Feijoa

The Feijoa or acca sellowiana, is a plant that is very popular in New Zealand. It originated in South America but found its way to other countries with a sympathetic climate. The fruit itself has a scented flavour, which many many like but some cannot get to appreciate.

They can be cut in half and eaten with a spoon, as I have done in the photograph. They can be scooped into a bowl and marinated with honey, which softens them. They can be stewed, turned into jam or a topping. There are many ways to eat this delicious fruit. I have them fresh, as I did for breakfast this morning.

They keep well while in their skins, but deteriorate quickly if opened and not used in some way, like fruits generally. If you live in a country where they are available, make sure to eat them once you feel the skin softening slightly. Once you have acquired the taste, delightful.

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