Sunday, April 28, 2013

Don't Forget Your Duck

The cartoon to the left shows a professor in the middle of   a crowded room. He is the only one without a duck. It suddenly dawns on him that he is different and he feels silly.

In society today, most people follow the crowd. It doesn't matter if it is silly or not, fitting in is the important thing. Young men who walk around with their trousers pulled half way down are a classic example. Not only is it stupid, it is possibly dangerous too. They could trip up or even deform themselves over time.

It gets even more dangerous when those in authority can get a population following them down a path that leads to genocide and other atrocities.

That is why I like this Far Side cartoon. For too many people it doesn't matter how silly (or worse) it is for them to carry a 'duck' around, they are the one that feels awkward if they are different.

Yet if we use our reasoning power, it is clear who the silly ones are, the ones with the herd mentality. Being different because you know it is a good choice is what counts. Feel comfortable and at ease when you haven't got your duck. Maybe you are the normal one.

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