Monday, March 18, 2013

How Women Differ From Men

My wife is very good making things with her hands. She is very practical. However, one thing she cannot do is cut bread straight. We make our own bread so it isn't sliced so when she cuts the bread, within two slices the angle is extreme. She starts in the right place, but by the time she reaches the breadboard, she has cut well into the loaf. This creates a wedge instead of a slice. Even the wedge isn't always even and she has even managed to leave the cut face of the bread looking like a wave about to break. I have shown her how I do it but to no avail ;-)

Another area is maps. If I an shown a map, I get my bearings quickly. I work out where say, the city centre is and then my location. Irrespective of which way the map is held, I understand the necessary route. However women I meet say "You are holding it the wrong way". They take it, turn it up to 180 degrees and then seem to follow it. If they don't turn it around so that the map is facing the way it is in real life, they cannot comprehend it. I don't understand why a map has to be the 'right way'.

I don't know if all women struggle to cut bread, but map reading is certainly a difference from men. I suppose the brain is wired differently for women.

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