Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dark Chocolate Treats

I have a penchant for dark chocolate; in fact I cannot even enjoy milk chocolate anymore. We get dark chocolate in a slab, but we also buy dark cooking chocolate too. What we do with the cooking variety is melt it in a microwave safe glass container in 40 second bursts, then dip various items in it as treats. Below are pictured some of the things we do.

First up is licorice. We cut it into almost one inch lengths, then held by tooth picks they are dipped into the melted chocolate. They are then placed on baking paper to cool. As shown, they go very well with fresh walnuts. Yum.

In the next photo, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, diced almonds and crystallised ginger are stirred into a portion of melted choc, then placed on baking paper or paper cases to set. Very healthy.

Finally, pieces of crystallised ginger are dipped into the hot choc held with tooth pics and again left to set.

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