Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sad But True

I wish I didn't have to write this. What is happening to young people, but especially young women in the West?

Recently in England a group of young men were getting under aged girls into sex.

In New Zealand, it is not uncommon for female youths to get so drunk over the weekend, that they do not know if they had sex or not.

Then this appeared on the the news tonight. In Australia and New Zealand, after a night of drinking some intoxicated young women offer sex to the taxi cab driver instead of paying, because they say they haven't the money to get home.

I remember a young man in the town I live seeing a group of inebriated young women walking down the road. One fell into the gutter and the others went on and left her there. He got his car, found out where she lived and took her home. The parents came out of the house and accused him of doing this to their daughter. He made a swift departure, promising never to be a Good Samaritan again.

The point - in an otherwise light and humourous blog - is that it distresses me to see the moral degradation going on. Where are the parents? Were they too busy to actually teach their children anything? Or did you give up on them?

If any parents read this, start acting like parents. For young people, don't think sex and/or getting drunk is just a fun thing. It turns you into a very cheap individual. To law makers who have been undermining parental authority, you are making a big mistake.

What a sad indictment of society.

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