Monday, January 4, 2016

So What About Fat?

I recently wrote two blog articles on white sugar in which I was less than complementary. (You can read those by clicking here for the first and here for the second. So what about fat? Doesn't that deserve the same treatment. Well, yes and no. The lack of clarity I will explain now.

Our body uses fat to make tissue and manufacture chemicals. They are sources of energy and is a flavorsome ingredient in your food. We must have some fat to be healthy. As with all issues, experts contradict each other and I don't even class myself as an expert. However, common sense and observation is often a better educator than traditional ideas. So what could be some do's and don'ts?

Complimentary eating. When having food, drink red wine in moderation. One glass with a meal is fine. Onions and garlic, raw or not too heavily cooked is good. We always had simple homemade mint sauce with roast lamb to cut the fat.

Regular, aerobic exercise. Anything that works muscles and gets the heart pumping is good. Regular and not too excessive in one session works for me. Of course, periodic medical check ups are important and any medical conditions you have should be checked out before starting. Better to be alive that dead fit.

Avoid ice drinks. When I have visited America, the obsession of iced water at the table and ice in drinks disturbs me. I don't think it is good for digestive juices, as ice has a numbing effect. Also, ice causes fat to solidify. I don't touch ice, and any liquid I drink is room temperature or warmer.

Sugary fat is bad. Processed foods are based around sugar and fat, a bad combination.

Summary: Hopefully it provides food for thought. It is not a scientific treatise nor will it work for everyone. We are all different. This is working for me, and if it gets you thinking about the subject - good.  If improvement can be made, initial 'baby steps' are better, as your body doesn't like sudden change any more than you do. It has to be trained.

I don't see fat a particularly big problem. I do see poor eating combinations, an indolent lifestyle and processed foods as bad news. Eat fresh, eat as natural as possible and put some effort into food preparation. Get out and exert yourself if you can. You are what you eat and you are how you live.

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