Saturday, May 2, 2015

Safety First For This Council

I wrote about a bend in a cycle track that I use that took the rider toward a tree. The article can be seen by clicking here. I went to the local council that maintain the route and a very helpful man assured me that it would be realigned to improve safety. How often do you hear that and nothing happens?

Well, I little while later the picture below shows what has been done...

As you will see by comparing it with the first blog I wrote on the subject how the soil bridge over the culvert has been widened considerably. The track marks on the gravel shows how people are no longer on a collision course with the tree in question. So a big well done to the council and the man in charge of it in acting promptly and effectively.

Bureaucracy can be a pain and stop sensible actions being taken, but here no such problem. Credit where credit is due.

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