Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Religious Horse

A man went to purchase a horse from a religious man. The reason why that was important was how the horse was trained. Before the man left with his horse, he was told that the only way the horse would run was by calling 'holy smoke' and it would not stop unless it heard 'hell's bells'. The seller did warn the new owner the horse was a challenge to ride.

The man took it home and couldn't wait to give his new mount a ride. He called out "Holy smoke" and the horse bolted. It ran so fast the man struggled to control it, despite being a very capable rider. Up ahead loomed a sheer cliff and the horse charged toward it. With all that was going on, he forgot what to say to stop it.

As the precipice drew close, the new owner frantically racked his brain for the essential phrase. Just when it seemed too late, he recalled it and shouted "Hell's bells". The horse screeched to a halt, and the wayward steed's front hoofs came to rest right on the edge of the cliff. The man leaned forward, then fell back in the saddle with fright. He sat slumped, and in a relieved tone muttered "Holy smoke".

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