Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Reality Of Using Google Blogger

You may think when you come to this site, that everything runs smoothly. It's all about getting an article and pictures together, then hitting the button and there is a blog for you. Lately nothing could be further than the truth. Sometimes I cannot even save an article I write at this site. I have to save it to my computer and try to enter it another time when it may be in the mood to accept it. Uploading a picture is currently taking so much time, I often have to give up. It is staggering how incompetent Google are at running a site, it is that bad...I cannot even put pictures to this piece!!! (Just have 14.06.2013 wow).

What I am saying is if in future I cannot post articles when I want - and this site is deteriorating - I will move to another site where they can support writing blogs. I refuse to allow advertising on the blog, which means Google make no money out it and maybe they would be glad I was was gone. What I do say is I will try to let you know if I move, if this rank amateur site will let me. Hopefully Google can get its act together soon.

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