Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Pessimist

The pessimist sees the bad in everything and while its understandable at times, if such feelings persist then the attitude in itself becomes a problem. So how does such a person think?

Things are going well right now? Yeah, well this is just the calm before the next big storm.

Have you ever been at a party with a drink in your hand and no one to talk to? Well, it happens to me all the time.

If we look after our health, we can then look forward to being old, longer.

Some people hate Monday, but I don't know why it's any worse to any other day.

They say money talks. I know mine does. It says "Good-bye".

We need the good times to remind us how terrible the bad times really are.

I hate spring because it reminds me of the hot summer to follow. A can't stand autumn because I know winter will soon be here.

My glass would only be half full no doubt because I would have spilled the other half down the front of my new shirt. I can see it now.

Why am I the one to sit on the park bench and right on a piece of freshly chewed gum?

I have got to have a 'plan b' because 'plan a' will never work. Mind you, 'plan b' probably won't work either.

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