Friday, November 20, 2015

Am I A Cheat?

When I do a jigsaw puzzle, I don't like the initial sorting of pieces. So after I complete one for the first time, I divide up the jigsaw into bags with 125 pieces in each one. The next time I start it, I just lift out a bag and do one section. It is quicker and when I leave the jigsaw uncompleted, it looks neat and tidy and not pieces all over the work surface.

Whenever someone hears what I do the immediate response is that I am cheating. I've searched all over each box for instructions of what is acceptable or not and never found anything. It seems the jigsaw maker doesn't care how you do it, they leave it up to the person. So if there are no rules, how can you be cheating?

The other day I was talking to a lady who makes her own bread the traditional way. I said I prefer home made bread for many reasons, including no chemical additives. She asked about how I make it and I obviously 'put my foot in it' when honestly confessing I use a bread making machine.

Well, I was immediately told I was cheating. I went home and checked the packet the flour came in to see what the instructions were and no mention of not to use with a bread making machine. So who's rules am I breaking? I seem to be falling foul of the rules of life that others know about, but I don't.

I got to thinking. Is it cheating to use a microwave oven? How about a electric edge trimmer? An automatic washing machine? A clothes drier must be cheating as a washing line is 'the way' to do it. I guess modern society is full of cheating and I have been taken in by it all. Oh well, I guess I'll have to accept I'm a cheat.

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