Sunday, January 22, 2012

Helping Others

1) When a person is in genuine need, due to no fault of their own and you help them, they get on their feet and stay there. You would call them self sufficient.

2) As in #1, except they do not forget what you did. They then help you and others if and when needed, they they are appreciative of what others do for them.

3) If you help someone who lacks motivation to help themselves, they will remember you when (not if) they are in trouble again and will come for more help. They often move to others once the money dries up to fleece someone else.

4) Even when needing help, some refuse it due to embarrassment or pride. If they get back on their feet alone, good on them. If they can't, then they have to take what comes.

#1 isn't looking to sponge off others, but if not willing to help others who really need it. Selfish.

#2 is the sort that we should aspire to and want to be around. They take help and want to do likewise for others. Kind.

#3 Keep well clear of those who think others owe them, that they have a right to be bailed out even if not trying themselves. Bludgers.

#4 needs to swallow the pride or whatever, and try to be like #2. Foolish.

What I hate to see is #3 taking #2 for all they can.

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