Friday, December 2, 2016

Calling Time

June the 20th, 2009 I put index finger tip to keyboard and so commenced over seven years of light, funny and opinion. It's been a rather popular site, not like my car one (seen here) but still a steady stream of viewers. The most popular blog? The 'Amazing Breast Gourd Plant' (click the name to see it) got over 17,000 views and plenty of comments.

The audience mainly came from: USA 32,000, New Zealand 4,700, France 3,900, UK 3,500, Canada 2,900, Australia 2,400, Russia 2,200 and Germany 1,800. Total 70,500.

I've done what I wanted to do with it and I intend to keep it open for people to come and peruse. I don't have more to say so won't keep on for the sake of it. So be happy. Be kind. Be loyal. Be honest. Be safe. Keep an open mind.

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