Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Working Class Uprising

I saw Iain Smith on Hardtalk discussing
Brexit. He understands the reason, but
but interviewer Stephen Sackur doesn't 
I wrote a deep piece about the changes we see and I believe it summed up things as they are. My wife said it wasn't light, nor funny. She also found it rather heavy. I binned it. This is the much revised model.

In time past, if governments pushed the common people too far down, they eventually - in sheer desperation - revolted. Sometimes the uprising was brutally put down, other times the harsh regime was overthrown. Think France and Russia for successful revolts in times past.

Today conditions are not nearly as bad for the people at the bottom of the heap. However, their expectations are higher and they can use the ballot box to express their frustration, rather than pitchforks.

In both cases there is a similarity. Disconnect with the needs of the common person and eventually they will be seek a course of risk over the status quo. In Britain they have had enough of the Brussels bureaucrats and selfish UK business practices that left many local workers out in the cold.

Captialism is not about caring but selfish greed,
and the greed is inevitably getting worse
I know less about the US but assume many working class people feel like those of Britain. Their situation is getting worse while middle and upper class people prosper. Decisions are being made that totally ignore the workers toward the bottom of the financial heap. They don't use pitchforks anymore but they still feel ignored. They also prefer risk over what they have, in the hope that someone listens and cares. Time will tell on that wish.

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