Thursday, January 21, 2016

Passports. Why?

I recall may years ago, at the conclusion of an international aeroplane flight I was on we were all told to remain seated. Police came on and took a man off the plane, then we were told to disembark. I recall thinking that they knew of this person before he went through immigration.

I have been told that authorities know more about us than we realise and that the formalities of presenting your passport is just that, a formality. In that case, there are other ways, more secure ways, to confirm who we are without messing around with a hard copy document. Simpler too.

Fingerprints and iris recognition would be more accurate and less of a hassle for the traveller. Just scan either before starting and at the conclusion of a journey and that's it. If an alert is generated, then nearby officials could then take them aside.

So why do governments persist in this archaic form of international identification? Plus why do they pretend they know nothing about you, even when applying for your sixth consecutive passport? Government departments must be totally inefficient if they lose all your records between each passport being issued. Everything about it seems like an overkill.

It just doesn't make sense other than to conclude it's all about bureaucracy. Perhaps too being entrenched in traditional ways and not having the initiative to risk a new way of doing things. If you meet someone from a government department, you understand what I mean. A dull shade of grey would be an exciting colour to them. No, it's time to ditch the passport and embrace new identification technology. It would be more efficient, less hassle and in a word, smarter.

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