Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What They Make You Do To Sign Up

I went to Stuff, a NZ website for news. I decided to comment on an article and had to sign up through my Google account. This is what I had to agree to do so. They want to....

Know your basic profile info and list of people in your circles. Includes people in circles that are not public on your profile. 

View your email address 

Manage your contacts

I decided to ignore that and publish anyway but it refused to let me do so. I am at a loss as to why 'people in my circles that are not publicly on my profile' are any business of theirs. I don't care too much about the email address but this 'manage my contacts', I don't even understand what that gives them the right to do. They also wanted to know the year I was born. What difference does that make?

Am I the only one that thinks this is a gross intrusion on personal information that has nothing to do with my simply leaving a comment somewhere? If anyone can shed any light on it, please leave a comment.

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