Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Media

...but can you believe it?

Years ago I recall hearing an expression "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story". I found it hard to believe that the media could be so cynical. The worst about that is nothing has changed.

I was reading a headline in a newspaper recently. It made a sensational claim, stated as a fact. However, on reading the article it then became obvious that the title wasn't a fact at all, but an allegation made by someone. The allegation was yet to be established legally and that could go either way, innocent or guilty once judgment was passed.

I guess you could say the title caught my attention and therefore served its purpose. You could also say that its misleading wording was slanderous, because everyone is innocent until proven guilty. In addition, I may never get to see the judgement from the court, but could be left with a negative connotation of the accused. Mud sticks as they say.

The good thing I can see through the muck that is presented as journalism, even when thrown. Mud also has a habit of dirtying the hands of the thrower. In other words I have no respect for the media. Truth is credibility and if you keep on misleading others, your credibility is lost.

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