Sunday, July 5, 2015

Prejudice Part 3

Part 3 is about prejudice within society with everyone of the same background. People that were born in the same country, the same race, religion etc. People that we should be accepting of at the very least. We may live in the same town but could be poles apart materially. How does that affect us?

If someone is quite poor, what do they think of very wealthy people? That they have a superior attitude and are snobbish? How do rich people see the poor among them? As underachieving and lazy, expecting the better off to subsidise their lack of effort? In some cases there may be validity to those feelings but to paint all with the same brush is clearly unfair.

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What about between the sexes? I read an interview of a woman who was very negative to men, a woman's liberationist, for want of a better term. When asked, she vented her feelings with gusto against the opposite sex. Then the interviewer asked her about the child she had recently, a little boy. The WL said she had to admit she could not believe that she could love a male so much.

At that moment I understood prejudice, why it is so hard to shake off. Of course, the differences between nations, races, religions, all tribes all take tolerance to accept and embrace. However, it is not just coping with difference. It's how we rationalise it, which as you may have guessed will be covered in the final part of this series.

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