Thursday, July 2, 2015

Prejudice : Part 1

We are not born with it
We are not born with it, but we quickly learn it. It isn't logical but exerts a strong hold on people. It is unfair but justified by one taken over by it. What am I referring to? The title gave it away, prejudice. How deceptive can it be?

We think of a young man in the US who recently went into a church and killed worshippers. A Muslim worker gruesomely kills his boss in France and then acts as if he is proud of what he did in a sick fashion. In both cases they were overtaken by prejudice. One against African Americans and the other against Westerners. Thankfully few people go to this extreme but the prejudice can still simmer under the surface.

I got to know a man who had many friends from a certain nation, yet he would at times speak badly to me of that nation as a whole. I couldn't understand the inconsistency. How can you befriend individuals and yet dislike intensely the nation they come from? That is how illogical prejudice is and it will be expanded upon in Part 2.

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