Thursday, July 23, 2015

Banks Get Off Scott Free

When I was young, the law only allowed for shops to open during regular business hours and one late night. Statutory holidays were also protected. Then came the push to liberalise trading hours because people wanted to shop when it suited them and that was often when shops were closed. Commerce vs the retail worker and commerce won. Now hours are extremely liberal, even most holidays allow for store opening.

What I noticed was somehow the same hue and cry about retail was never directed toward banks. OK, some mutterings now and again are heard but it is accepted they are different. More recently, ATMs have popped up and Internet banking is available. Still, more convenient hours wouldn't go amiss. You may have to go into a bank for some reason, but will have to get time off work or rush in during a lunch break top do it. Yet there is no concession and won't ever be I'm sure.

I just saw this picture of how banks have got off lightly when it comes to their opening hours.

All I am saying is that what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If retail shops have to consider customer needs, then banks should make some concession. Otherwise retail should look at cutting back. Why should retail workers be the ones so inconvenienced?

Picture: Truthfacts.

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