Sunday, May 24, 2015

The 'How Did We Do?' Survey

When I buy anything now, the receipt has an invitation to let the company know how they did with the sales transaction. Often there is an incentive to go into the draw to win something simply by spending a few minutes letting them know. I usually go in and give reasonably positive ratings but occasionally negative.

I recall getting a TV satellite installation a few years back in which the installer (who I knew me quite well as a high up in the place where I fellowship) decided that entitled him to do virtually nothing he was supposed to. At one point he was quite rude to me when I made a simple request for what he should have been doing anyway. I regret letting him get away with how he behaved.

Then came the 'let us know how it went'. When I did go and fill in the the report, it highlighted even more things that were supposed to be done and weren't. I was very unimpressed when I realised that. The thing is though is how the company reacted. I heard nothing about it. There was presumably no flag system to alert them to a major failure of service.

I assume such surveys are supposed to reinforce how much they care about service. If they don't respond to serious under performance however, it does quite the opposite. I then understood this company didn't care. It had a monopoly situation for satellite TV and had cornered the sporting market by outbidding all other TV stations.

Now that NZ has gone totally satellite, there is free competition and the monopoly isn't so strong. Customer numbers have started to drop and they recently stated prices have been increased to compensate. That could lead to more defections. People are using the Internet now as well to get television programmes. I wonder how important customer service is in this more competitive environment?

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