Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Freedom And Independence - Part 2

Having looked at the freedom side, my attention moves to the independence issue, especially Europe. I am not a political person so observe it rather than takes sides. That can give one a more open view, without being influenced by personal preferences.

The has been divided by many things, including national boundaries, which has led to conflict. J Lennon sang "Imagine there's no countries...nothing to kill or die for...a brotherhood of man...sharing all the world". Nice sentiments and many in Europe hoped that the European Union would lead to one state, with peaceful coexistence.

The fact is people don't want that. They want independence. The logic that peace is more likely without borders doesn't influence them. In Scotland's case, almost certain reduction in standard of living if truly left to go it alone became irrelevant. The emotion of the 'I' word overpowers the mind and satisfies the heart.

Of course, Scotland isn't the only country where some citizens want to cut ties with a larger entity. Many Basques and Catalans want shot of Spain, the Flemish want a divorce from Belgium and it goes on. The vote held in Scotland has thrust the notion of independence into the limelight. Now Scots who never thought of it now want it fervently. It may have destabilised other countries too, as they want the freedom promised by separation as well.

In other words, the genie is out of the bottle. The dream of a federal Europe perhaps dead. If the Scots, who do pretty well out the UK want out, what hope for other, more fractious, situations? I sense that while Scots nationalists said they would accept the will of the people, they really haven't. This was just the first round. They will keep pushing until they get what they want, and that could cause less unity within Scotland itself.

It seems that that same desire to gain 'freedom' is as strong as ever, even if it something we can never truly have. We depend on others. The Bible says that man's loss of Divine approval started from an independent stance taken by the first humans so it has been a round a while now. With the sick things happening in the world, we need Divine assistance now. With this independent mentality, many humans would reject even that.

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