Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Petty Politics & Mindless Media

In New Zealand it is an election year. It seems that what democracy has descended to is trying to find some muck to rake up about the other political parties or members of them. Once some has been found, make as much noise about it as possible to discredit the competition. Demands of apologies and/or resignations always add to the hysteria. Like any tactic that is overplayed, the public become blasé.

Of course this is cannon fodder for the media, who feel it their duty to publicise the often infantile behaviour of the above mentioned politicians. Can you really trust a source of information that has long held to the notion that truth should never be allowed to get in the way of a good story?

A young woman in NZ was recently assaulted and an attempted rape allegedly took place. The accused was a worker at the Malaysian High Commission. There was some confusion as to what to do and diplomatic immunity was invoked and he went home to Malaysia. Then came the questions as to why he wasn't detained in NZ for trial.

Out of all this sympathy must go to a woman who has gone through such an ordeal. However, it all gets lost in the mindless media and the PC world we live in. She goes on a TV show (which I didn't watch) to put her story forward. Apparently she wanted the Foreign Affairs Minister to apologise for what happened which he has done. It seems she also wants him to resign. She also wants the Prime Minister to take the case more seriously. He said there is a full independent enquiry going on and wanted to know what actually happened first. Opposition politicians wade in to attack the Government's response.

I am sure when all the facts are out, it will say it should have been handled better by the ministry involved. What I do feel sad about is that a serious crime took place, yet it is overshadowed. Why the victim is so public in interviews and opinions on a minister resigning and how the Prime Minister should react confuses me. Is this a media driven thing, or is she a victim with a political opinion? The whole saga is bizarre.

I just cannot trust the media. In the end my deepest feelings of sorrow for the young woman have been watered down by the media circus that followed. Her involvement hasn't helped. The fact is women must be treated with utmost respect and dignity. An enquiry is necessary but everything else is just nonsense. As usual.

PS. This article isn't about politics. This blog does not endorse any of the political parties of NZ.

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