Friday, April 11, 2014

The Unusual Business

I was visiting a town centre and was waiting for my better half, as men do. As I stood on the footpath, I looked across the road at this shop frontage. It didn't make sense. The sign said it was a take away, but the door said staff only. In addition, there was no way of seeing into the establishment. I went across for a better look and what saw is pictured is below.

Notice the sign on the door "Staff Only"? Another one saying open!

So I looked around to the side of the frontage, and saw a door. Ah I thought, the entrance is around here. To my surprise the sign on the door there said R18, only people over 18 were allowed to enter. I thought about going inside to see what was behind the door as I am over 18 (just ;-)). However, I decided not to as I was starting to be concerned what was behind that door. A brothel, a sex toy shop or ...whatever, I turned away.

You should be able to see the R18 sticker. That got me wondering...

Because I didn't go in, I guess we will never know. I hope you like a mystery. I should have had a peek shouldn't I?

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