Monday, April 28, 2014

Legal 'Highs'

It seems today we live in a lawless society. Many people carry out illegal behaviour or activity because they do not agree with the law. They do what they want to do. This is born out by some places legalising cannabis because users simply ignore the law and then criminal elements get involved.

The logic in this beggars belief. The law is there because cannabis is a harmful substance. I have seen the effects it has on users by observing them before they were a user and after they became one. Anyone who says it makes no difference is probably too high on the stuff to have a valid opinion. So the law is to protect citizens who are not capable of looking after themselves.

In New Zealand they are banning synthetic drugs that give what has been described as 'legal highs'. The company that represents the product in the country says it will make law abiding citizens have to deal with criminal elements. What utter rubbish. If I had to deal with criminals to get something, I would stop using the product. They don't have to deal with such elements. People who want chemically induced highs will get what they deserve for choosing to become law breakers. The fact is these products can be very damaging to health, even fatal.

This whole thing overlooks a basic issue. Society becoming so morally bankrupt that for many getting a 'high' is the way to get enjoyment or excitement. I go to parties and have a good time without chemical assistance. I have never been drunk, smoked or used any substance to get me high. If a law is introduced to protect individuals and/or society, it should be obeyed and that takes precedence over personal opinion. Otherwise we are on the slippery slope to anarchy and chaos. Your choice.

PS. To read about the issue in New Zealand. please click here.

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